>Not wanting to hijack the PNG thread, so I've altered the subject.
>I understand the issues involve in huge migrations, it's not 
>that easy.. 

At the risk of starting a war, it doesn't sound like you do understand.

Before even starting to plan a migration, any decent corporation, of
whatever size, must first demonstrate a business advantage to the task.
The bigger the organisation is, the more likely they will have a desktop
image (XP Pro) that can be applied to any machine they buy in,
regardless of what is on it, so neither hardware obsolescence nor the
withdrawal of software support holds a big fear for most.

The true question is not 'why not "upgrade" to IE7?'  but actually 'why
I can give numerous reasons to upgrade to FF, but no real reasons to
upgrade to IE7.

As an aside, I am not at all worried by this - it was the longevity of
IE4 that did most to make people aware of the alternatives; hopefully
IE6 will have the same effect: a little more short-term pain for some
long-term gain as they switch to Safari.


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