Greetings all,

*I posted the following on the Drupal Forums and I will post it here as well
for your consideration:*

Currently, we are working towards bids for a full site developed, including
back-end database work and, potentially, custom mods and content types. I
have a page layout and design already coded up and that can be used as a
very strong base to work from, so most of that work is already done. We
would need that turned into a theme and spruced up a bit. Perhaps some
graphics work can be done as well as other suggestions that you may have.

First, I would like parties that are interested to please email their
interest (off list) along with samples of their work. The first criteria for
acceptance is web standards. If you or your company produces valid and
semantic code with Drupal I would like to see that as a start for
consideration. If your samples are not perfect but you have reasons please
post that as well and that will be taken into consideration.

Later on, once we have more specifics figured out, I will post what work and
features are going to be our required and what will be on our wish list.

My previous post will give you an idea as to what we are looking for:
Our site is currently:

Thank you for your time and patience all,


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