On Wed, Aug 6, 2008 at 8:42 AM, 8bits Media
We currently have a project that includes a calendar in the design. The
dilemma I currently have, is what is the best way to mark the calendar up? Should we use tables, or is it more semantically correct these days to use
an unordered list?

A table every time. A day on a calendar recieves meaning from the
table (month), the row (week), and the column (day) that it is in, and
IMO a table is the only sensible way to reperesent such complex
relationships between data.

If you use tables make sure it still makes sense on browsers that don't render tables (some mobile phones, lynx, etc)

If you use css don't hide anything in css that should be in the content!
I've seen some examples of css-based calendars where there are no dates, day numbers, etc in the markup (they used css and assumed list behaviour to generate day numbers) .. I think that is a bad idea ... Dates on a calendar are important content that should never be hidden from users even if their browser doesn't support the css or behaviours being used.


If its for public events you could add a bit of hCalendar ... to make it more useful ...

(eg people being able to import the events into calendar software without retyping, search and aggregation tools being able to see them as events, etc)

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