> Just working on someone else's website and they are using the @import rule to 
> include their CSS. I usually use the <link rel> method. I am wondering, is 
> there really any reason not to use @import, be it Accessibility, standards, 
> etc? I don't want to pull in other stylesheets into the one I'm using, so I 
> have no need for the @import.

According to Steve Souders research in his very handy book High
Performance Websites there are some performance issues with @import.
It can cause unexpected ordering of how components are downloaded to
the browser. You can compare the effects;

Using link rel - http://stevesouders.com/hpws/css-top.php
Using @import - http://stevesouders.com/hpws/css-top-import.php

Hope that helps,

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