On Mon, 1 Sep 2008 20:55:07 +1000, David McKinnon wrote:
> For a while now, I've been operating on the principle "Code for Firefox, hack 
> for IE".

Interesting thread.

I learned CSS from "Eric Meyer on CSS" books. He gives several ideas
for avoiding browser bugs and related hacks altogether.

FWIW - I assist at a web design class for adults. The teacher advises
students to target IE (6) first, her rationale being that potential
employers are likely to use it. But I find so very many students get
frustrated, reaching an impasse when they can't get their "working"
IE code to display the same way in other browsers. Indeed, the teacher
recently asked my help to "fix a bug in Opera" when a hack failed 
to work in that browser.

A few years ago, before Firebug came out, I designed first for Opera.
However, this got a bit frustrating when learning CSS, because Opera
recognized far more CSS than any other browser !

With the recent spate of browser releases, we now have highly
conformant versions of Firefox, Opera, and Safari, each with their
own set of tools. With all this goodness, I feel like a kid in
a candy store!

But I have a confession - I am so pleased that the World's Favorite
Browser exists, or I wouldn't be able to charge so much. ;)


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