Concerning Chrome, I have some unanswered questions about V8.

Exactly what JavaScript features does it support? (This is NOT a question about it's speed.)

The release statememt simply says that it follows the EcmaScript 3.0 standard, but we all know that it is quirky in places and that current browsers deviate from it in some of those. With Mozilla leading the pack and Opera and Webkit/Squirrelfish following closely, there also are a slew of additions, a.k.a. JavaScript 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, etc.

Has anyone tested if V8 supports things like:
- Array extras
- Getters and setters
- Array and string generics
- Generators and iterators
- Expression closures
- Array comprehensions
- Block scope with let

Lars Gunther

(No I've not had the time to test myself)

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