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Subject: Re: [WSG] best practices for using access keys

> Before you add accesskeys, check out
> ... basically the
> errata captures best practice methodology as it evolved in the years
> after WCAG 1.0 was released. Accesskeys are problematic between
it says not to use them...
but ... what about mobile sites?
(where you might want to use keypad shortcuts for ease of use with a
very tiny mobile phone screen)
WCAG 1.0 was released in 1999 - ie. before people seriously started using
the web on mobiles - and the errata address WCAG 1.0. Realistically it's
about web pages for computers, not mobile-specific web pages.
For mobile sites, I'd look at Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0
(, released just a few weeks back. Based off
a *very* quick look, it does appear to recommend/allow accesskeys, although
given that this directly conflicts with the Samurai-updated guidelines for
general web pages, I'd only use accesskeys for *dedicated* mobile sites.
If one site is doing both general web and mobile web duty, personally I'd
suggest that conflicts should be resolved in favour of general web
guidelines. At this stage, that's still doing the greatest good for the
greatest number. But I'd also expect that this point will be debated more as
the lines between mobile/general web blur further. 

May be a better approach would be to use a script that lets the user "turn
accesskeys on".

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