Marvin Hunkin [EMAIL PROTECTED] ink wired:

> i keep getting spam e-mails.


> how do i protect my self against this sort of thing.

Human-only precautions such as a CAPTHA for form entry helps, as does some 
anti-spam features on your web server.  However, my server gets hammered with 
thousands of spam a day... and I got so frustrated with that sort of thing that 
I changed my feedback form to a text field that saved the contents into a CSV 

Bots and other spam bounced harmlessly away.  However, would you believe people 
HAND TYPED spam into the form?  Who has that kind of time on their hands?  
Oh... yeah... spammers.

Now, the only form of contact I accept is snail mail.  Not many scammers will 
pay 42ยข to spam you...

I made magic once.  Now the sofa is gone.

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