> Any suggestions would be appreciated.

If you have a really really long page I think a back to top is ok. It's
unlikely to harm anyone and it's likely to help some users. If the pages
have a table of contents with jump links (probably a good idea) then you
could also make it a "back to table of contents" link. Alternatively if you
have a skip/jump menu at the start of the page, that makes a logical target
without requiring the addition of any extra elements just for top links.
Top links are certainly old school; but unlike some other list members I
don't think users know how to to hit home or ctrl/cmd-home and so on. I'm
constantly surprised at how little the average user knows about computers;
and how resistant they are to being told how to use them in better ways.
People on this list probably enjoy using computers or at the least know how
to use them properly, with all the tips and tricks to make it more
efficient. But the majority of users I observe know how to turn the machine
on; they know how to click a few things to achieve the bare minimum of tasks
with the bare minimum of involvement; they know how to shut it down again;
end of story. Just like some people are "turn the key, push the pedal, call
mechanic when it breaks" drivers and others are the more involved type -
"drive a manual - shift cleanly, watch the revs, drive to conditions,
maintain the car properly...".
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--- evenly distributed. - William Gibson

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