I'm wondering about the best method to incorporate in a signup form a
Terms and Conditions agreement, which being so long will be bought to
the page externally. Or if it's thought best, maybe not!
On a previous occasion I went forward using the <object> tag. The
advantage to my mind is that, my document (that may change in future)
is separate to the form and for those who don't have a browser capable
of using the <object> tag, can see alternative text to link to the
separately hosted T&C page.
But it's been put to me at work, there might be a way to house the
document in a div, give the div a fixed size and make it scrollable.
Alternatively I could use a textarea element, although I'm given to
understand it would need to be outside the <form> so as not include it
in the 'Signup' event when the submit button is clicked. However to
satisfy the designer, who follows that the convention is that the form
is visually seen before the last submit button, I'd use CSS to
position it - but that doesn't sound very semantic to me?
Putting it on another page, that you would link to, read, then return
to the form to agree to has been rejected for the sanctity of the
concept of a single page signup document.
I hope I've been clear, and I guess I'm interested in anything similar
to this in best practice, accessibility and standards.
Cheers for just being there folks,
John Unsworth

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