Hello all,
I just published a site that has some strange behaviour.
As far as I know, the name of a submit button (name=") is only passed on to
the receiving end when that button is actually clicked. 
I've always worked that way, maybe I've always worked with <input
type="submit"> and now that I'm using <button> I'm discovering that they
work differently? Would anyone be able to shed some light on this?
The problem is that on the server-side I check to see what button is present
and based on that I perform an action like going back for example. For some
reason in Internet Explorer ALL button names are now passed along when the
form is submitted.
Display issue, in Internet Explorer the "continue" button at the bottom of
the form is showing only partially. I've tried several things to get it to
display fully, does anyone have any suggestions here?
Thanks in advance

Kind regards, Taco Fleur (CIO/CEO/Founder)


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