On Thu, Nov 6, 2008 at 3:04 PM, James Jeffery
> A very silly question that I cannot believe I am asking.
> I have never had to use <img> within the body tag. I was playing about with
> a test case for a client and happened to put <img> directly within the body
> (was for an image on screen with next and prev. links ... a gallery).
> I validated, and it was saying <img> needs to be contained. I checked the
> specs but could not see anything that was stating this.
> In the real application it wouldn't be directly within the body, because it
> would be within a page section <div> anyway, but am just curious.

The specs say that inline elements have to be contained within block
level elements. IMG is inline, DIV is block. BODY is neither.

Christian Montoya

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