Great to see that someone has finally helped MS technologies adhere to
the standards that the open source world has supported for years now.  A
step in the right direction, deserving congratulations, but only a small

Although Oxite may be "open source" in the strictest sense of the term,
being .Net based it has dependencies on the MS Windows platform, so it's
still dependent on expensive proprietary software...  For those aspiring
to support .Net on other platforms (e.g. efforts like Mono and
Moonlight), let's not forget Microsoft's patent infringement threats on
Linux and other open source software.  

Ultimately, open source or not, anything .Net-based exists at the
discretion of Microsoft's legal team.  When MS release a CMS under the
GNU General Public License (the GPL is the prevalent open source license
that is, essentially, "share and share alike"), then I'll be impressed,
because doing so would mean that they've agreed to waive software
patents on that code.  

Personally, given the outstanding quality and maturity of fully open
source alternatives (Plone, Drupal, Alfresco, Joomla, MySourceMatrix and
many others), Oxite probably only a good option for people who've
already got a massive sunk cost on MS infrastructure.  For everyone
else, the open source stacks (LAMP/Zope/Tomcat, etc.) and platforms
(Linux, *BSD, OpenSolaris) are where the action is. 

Kind regards,


On Tue, 2008-12-16 at 10:27 +1100, Anthony Milner wrote:
> Glad to report that I've found a .NET site that validates XHTML 1.0
> strict (hat tip to Craig Bailey
> for leading me to it.) 
> It's the Mix Online site which is built on a Microsoft Open Source CMS
> platform (yes you read that right Microsoft and open source in the
> same sentence, I was also surprised) called Oxite.
> Oxite is still in beta and is built on the MVC platform which appears
> to be a good news story for building .NET web standards compliant
> websites. 
> Anthony
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> > Subject: [WSG] .NET sites which are XHTML 1.0 strict
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> > Hi,
> >
> > I was having a *chat* with some .NET developer colleagues and they
> > challenged me to find a .NET site that achieves XHTML 1.0 strict
> > compliance. Hoping to prove to them that it can be done.
> >
> > Does anybody know of some .NET sites which are XHTML 1.0 strict (or
> even
> > transitional)?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Anthony
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