Quote:" The fact is that many educators have found that they can use
Flash to teach their students effectively."

I think you (and those teachers that you refer to) are mistaking an
effective lesson, for effective teaching.*  

Also, I think you mis-understand where the problem lies. Because of the
way that Flash works, almost all of it is inaccessible to assistive
technology. Adobe could do a better job, the makers of assistive
technology could do a better job, but there is very little that the man
in the middle can do, other than restricting the scope of Flash to
things that could be better done with HTML etc. So from that
perspective, any body that pushes Flash as a general purpose medium is
doing a disservice to the community.

* It may be easier to teach people to use Flash to get a particular
result, but at the end of the day they have not learned what they need
to know, which is that "Flash is Evil".


Mike Brockington
Web Development Specialist


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