From: Hassan Schroeder

Have you ever developed -- or even used -- an application built in
Flex, or OpenLaszlo? Perfectly simple to do any of the above, with
the advantage of easy integration with video and other rich content.


Yes, I've tried Flex and abandoned the effort.  It didn't give me any
additional benefits to offset the effort and it greatly reduced the ability
to index and organize content to make it searchable, findable.  About the
only benefit I've found to Flash is in the use of video.  But I only use
video to augment the primary content, not contain primary content.  There's
no benefit in having true interactive methods such as discussion forums or
wikis or blogs in Flash.  Yes, taxonomies and keywords can be assigned but
the content remains locked away.

Plus, I still haven't seen any postings explaining the benefits of taking
accessible text and graphics, then going through the effort of creating
Flash files from them, then going through the effort of making Flash
accessible.  Plus, there's the maintenance issue.  Simple example I always
use is what if you had to change a corporate logo in every Flash file?  To
do that with a dynamic database approach you change the file once and that's
it.  To change it in every Flash file, you have to find the source, if you
can, then change each file and rerun it.  Or, even more fun, try to change
something like a product image where you don't know which Flash files
referenced which version of which product image when they were created.

Christie Mason

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