Pardon the language, but Hell no. For a number of different reasons. Among
that being, I can't work with the code as good as I can with Microsoft's and
the fact that it costs too much money. Although it is proprietary, I can
recode most of what I need to do (Microsoft's code). To say I disagree with
you, or anyone else for that matter, about Flash not being used by people
properly, would be a lie. Even being used on the Web itself, I would say
that is a lie if I disagree. But, I must at least agree with the people who
are trying to make it accessible. It doesn't matter what we think about it,
it's going to be there regardless, so instead we need to work on
accessibility of ALL things that go on the Web. Having looked at the
solution by BCAT, or whatever it's called, I have noticed some major
improvements, and most importantly, that it cannot only be applied to
eLearning, but other ways of Flash uses as well. This is why I promote it,

And I must say that all teachers/educators, whatever word you wish to use,
do recognize different ways to show content off. Even I know different ways.
Everyone that does use Flash for eLearning, offers different ways to learn
it. But again, like I said, not my opinion about using it that matters, nor
anyone else's. What does matter though, is this, (again to reiterate) it
will be there no matter what, whether we like it or not, so let's work on
the making it accessible together, get it done and be done with it.

True to anyone that says it should be Adobe's problem to fix. I agree. But
they are lazy, so it is up to other people to fix their problem. Okay, so I
really don't want to have to fix it, you don't want to fix it, we don't want
to fix it, but BCAT is stepping up and taking charge and fixing it. Let's
support them, and hope it works. As long as they don't charge. Then it
becomes a-whole-nother story. But beyond that, more power to them.

Christie, we are both Constructionists in the term you defined. But I am
also a Visionary. Plus, I try to help make Tim Berners-Lee's goals possible.
Those that argue the point it should not be made accessible and not put on
the web are saying they don't care about his vision of the WWW. Why do I say
they don't care? Because it's one of either two things, with no other
possibility. These two choices are either: 1) You don't care about Mr.
Berners-Lee's vision or the WWW, for that matter. or 2) Your ignorant,
because you have accepted or don't know that Flash is here to stay.

Brett P.

On Wed, Jan 14, 2009 at 2:11 PM, Christie Mason <>wrote:

>  Brett you are correct, This is a personal theory based on some personal
> observations.  Do you use a Mac as your primary development computer?
> Christie Mason
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