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Well there goes that theory. My thoughts were something like graphically oriented people are attracted to using Macs and Flash. BCAT's attempting to make Flash accessible is good but if the content hadn't been made inaccessible in the first place, then it wouldn't be needed.

Yes, Flash can be used appropriately to give rich depth to a concept, but it's still primarily used in the eLearning world (including both corporate trainers and educators) to port PPT to Flash and that's just wrong.

I'm visually oriented - I got here from graphic design - and I love Macs and like you am less than thrilled with *the uses to which Flash is put on the web*

I think the Mac has a better user interface (or at least did). There are things that I do enjoy in Flash.

But as others have mentioned these *personal* attitudes are entirely beside the point.

None of the arguments you have put forward seem to me to have any real bearing on Flash per se. Yes education is a mess, yes "educators" are too seldom inspired or inspiring. But uninspired educators are going to be lazy in their use of any tool put at their disposal. Should Flash be banished forever because it is inappropriately used and then poorly implemented? I dunno, should we ban axes on account of Lizzie Borden?

sorry, I'm just getting tired of this "discussion" which has long since degenerated into an extraordinarily verbose repetition of "Does!" - "Doesn't!" - "Does so!" - "Oh no it doesn't"....................

Seems like the gist was covered days ago, i.e. "Flash is a medium that has a history of inappropriate use, but Adobe is making efforts to extend its accessibility. As a tool it has its uses, in the hands of fools it's dangerous."


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