The correct design (and web standards that are adhered to or not)
is that design for which the client is paying.  Web designers should
offer suggestions and guidance to those who hire them for their
expertise, but the decision to follow or disregard standards is up
to the person footing the bill.

A standard could be imposed on all concerned that would make driving
accessible to the certainly is technically possible...however,
the cost is simply too high to make that a reality.

Likewise, site owners may be under time and monetary restraints that
prohibit making their websites accessible to all.  Or they may just choose
not to...again, it's the boss's choice, not the designer's.


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My justification for wanting to do this is simple, and in my eyes, very 
sensible.  However, it will no doubt cause ructions amongst the evangelists.

I want to use frames.  Frames, contrary to popular myth, are not an 
accessibility nightmare. The simple 2-frame frameset I have made validates 
perfectly, and passes the WCAG priority 3 test. We could argue about 'best 
practice' but that's not what we are here for.  My thinking on this is that 
I've put a red 'home' link to the frameset on the top of every page that 
appears in the main frame, so that if I could 'add to favorites' the same 
way, a user can save the page and return to it later AND get back to the 
main frameset with one click.  Hence, one of the valid criticisms of using 
frames is shot dead.


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