On 26/03/2009, at 3:56 AM, Steve Green wrote:
Is this list interested in discussing how to balance the conflicting
requirements of various stakeholders (including marketers) or does it take the dogmatic position that compliance with web stardards trumps everything

You've pretty much summed up the reason I constantly ask myself why I haven't unsubscribed from this list yet. To me, web standards evolve by taking something that works, recognising its' usefulness, and standardising it. In many cases, it's valid and necessary to use proprietary features of browsers in lieu of standardised features; whether it be using VML in one browser and SVG in another, Flash for uploading files to indicate upload progress, vendor-specific Javascript calls to add bookmarks, or IE's CSS filters for enabling transparent backgrounds.

Pragmatic use of standard *and* proprietary features of browsers (with a preference towards standards) is my definition of someone who takes standards seriously. Surprisingly (and unfortunately for many users of their software), some of the more vocal on this list seem to disagree.


Nathan de Vries

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