Could you provide us with a little more information? Perhaps a snippet from
the HTML file where you include the style sheet and a snippet from the style
sheet where you're setting the font?

We can probably help you out from there. I'm not totally sure what you mean
by "insert f"

On Sat, Jun 20, 2009 at 7:00 AM, Marvin Hunkin <>wrote:

> hi.
> just opened a web project i did about 18 months for one of my web design
> courses and changes the content on one page.
> got a style sheet called Joes_Style.css in a folder called Styles.
> but when i do a insert f it does not say the font, just the font size and
> the alignment.
> using internet explorer 8.
> have i got my style sheet placement in the wrong place.
> or is this the default for internet explorer 8.
> please help me out.
> real weird.
> cheers Marvin.
> ps: the fonts i used are verdana, which i have, arial, sans-serif,
> helvitica
> .
> but have not got those fonts except for verdana, but not showing up in the
> fonts on my machine.
> where can i get the other fonts?
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