On 22/06/2009, at 3:58 PM, Marvin Hunkin wrote:

just looked at my fonts.
need the following fonts:

arial, helvitica, sans-serif and verdana.
do not have these fonts for windows vista.
think that was the problem, why not saying the name.
can you help?

Hi Marvin - I'm going to assume that you are running Windows. If this is the case then it is *highly* unlikely that you don't have at least arial from that list. The other thing to bear in mind is that 'sans- serif' is not a font but is a style or family of fonts that share a particular look (they don't have 'serifs' which are little flicks at the end of letter forms).

I haven't seen your actual code but if your HTML is correctly pointing to a CSS file and your CSS is using a valid font declaration then it should work. If it doesn't then there may be something up with your operating system thinking that fonts are in a different place to where they really are or maybe something up with your Jaws setup.

When you specify fonts with CSS the usual pattern is to list your fonts in the order that you prefer. Each one is a fallback position if the prior one doesn't exist on the system. Normally the last one in the list is 'sans-serif' (or 'serif' etc.). This is essentially saying that if you don't have *any* of the listed fonts on the system then use whatever is the default 'sans-serif' font.

I hope that helps. Tim

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