> We have a problem! Outlook 2010, according to Campaign Monitor [1], is
going to continue to use the crippled MS Word layout engine. They adopted
this as the status quo for 
> Outlook 2007 and promptly set rich >email >with CSS, etc., back a number
of years, and are showing no great sign of diverging from this path.
However, there is hope! > 
> Campaign Monitor have started a website, http://fixoutlook.org/ , in
conjunction with >their "Email >Standards Project" [2] -- essentially a
standards advocacy website. 
> They >need your support now more than ever.

We could also point out some of those other annoying things in current
versions that also need to be fixed!!!

1. WHY do I have to stuff around with regedit to be able to do view source
in current versions of Outlook?
...being able to view the raw source email (not just headers) is a MUST HAVE
for me!  .. this should be a standard feature in any email client! 

2. why must it force me to use curly quotes and other non-ASCII chars?  
This is VERY annoying - it insists on replacing ascii quotes with windows
curly quotes ... I normally would rather keep them as ASCII quotes !!! ...
nor do I want any of my other text to be automatically replaced by non-ASCII
(I'm starting to see other email clients copying this behavior – not good at
all! - We've all seen what happens when people start copying/pasting from
those emails into forms on websites! . . . and there are no good tools to
fix the resulting mishmash of charsets!)

3. don't force people to use html if they are replying to an email ... I am
more likely to just want plain text!  (please make plain text options easier
to find!  - plain text *should* be the default anyway!)

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