Hi All

I was wondering if I can pick all your brains on an issue I am facing.
I am not a big coder and good when it comes to JavaScript. I have recently
taken charge of maintaining a website for a client who uses divs to display
data onto a .htm page. They do not want to use .php and mysql data basing as
they are worried about losing their ranking in the search engines.
Here is an extract of the coding.

        <script language="javascript" src="rates.js"></script> - obviously
imports the divs with the prices attached.
        <body onLoad=loadPrices('ox001, ment001 ,hvh001 ,vhw001')>

And in the .htm document I have the code.
<div id="hvh001"></div>

So I was wondering why this does not always work and especially when I seem
to update pages using dreamweaver.
I dunno how this works or why it even works.
I am trying to convince the client to turn their whole site into a database
driven site so these problems don't happen and you do not have bad code
however we all have clients who do not wish to listen so any advice would be

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