For what it's worth.
Microsoft have—for several years now—offered free Windows
XP images with IE6/7/8RC and now IE8 as well in Microsoft Virtual PC format.
Microsoft Virtual PC (the application) is also available for free, making
this the most acurate and low-cost option available. The only drawback is
that these images are time-bombed and only work for about 3-4 months.
However, new ones are usually available as soon as the old ones expire.

You can find the current images here:

Additionally, as Microsoft Virtual PC (the application, not the
images) only run on the Windows platform, this is pretty useless for
Linux of Mac users. The good news however is that VirtualBox—which
does run on both Linux and Mac OS
X—natively supports MS VPC images. You'd have to check the EULA that
comes with the IE app Compat images to see if this is allowed.

On Fri, Jul 3, 2009 at 5:22 AM, Darrin Potaka <> wrote:

> Hi - I hope this is on topic - I'm asking because I try to author to good
> standards...
> I need to install IE 6.0 alongside of IE 8. Running WIN XP SP 3. The
> multiple installer at TredoSoft which used to work wont install - are there
> any other options?
> Darrin
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