At 7/20/2009 06:49 AM, Brett Patterson wrote:
I agree with James. Although, I find the best possible, all-around solution is to use all of the above! If the user does not have JavaScript/cookies enabled, then the user will use their browser, else they cannot view the text in large size. If the user does have JavaScript/cookies enabled, then the user can use that method to enlarge font size, whether they know or do not know how to use the browser to enlarge font size.

To echo others, I'd like to chime in that any basic functionality that depends on JavaScript running can be considered to be inherently broken. First build the function to run as a client-server exchange, e.g. with hyperlinks to other pages or to the same page to be modified with a server-side script. Then add JavaScript to enhance the experience for those with a modern version of js running in their browser. Google progressive enhancement.



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