Do a search for something small to medium scale, for instance a doctor's surgery, a restaurant, a musician, a theatre etc. (I guess a large proportion of internet searches are for things like this). Now have a look at the number one entry returned in your search engine and examine the head. In my experience it probably won't have any meta data, and yet there it was at the top of the list.

There is so much great content out there presented in terrible ways and the success of search engines is that they are able to interoperate all that mess and return relevant results to people's searches. Part of me feels that most SEO is a bit of a waste of time - if you have good content, the search engines are clever enough that they will find it. I am not saying that you should put barriers between your content and the search engines, but maybe all the time and effort you spend forming the correct keywords would be better spent improving the quality of your content.



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