2009/8/23 Bushidodeep <field.ni...@gmail.com>:
> All debates aside on drop-down menus, they're called
> for, demanded by some. I like this one<http://www.csun.edu/>,
> and wondered if anyone has a tutorial URL bookmarked?

WAI-ARIA has a number of menu-related roles and properties [1]. Newer
browsers, including IE 8, offer reasonably good levels of support, as
do newer versions of some assistive technologies.

There's a good video by Todd Kloots of the YUI team demonstrating the
use of ARIA to enhance accessibility of a drop-down menu: I'll link to
the copy on Eric Miraglia's blog [2], as that includes a transcript.

[1] <http://www.w3.org/TR/wai-aria/#menu>
[2] <http://ericmiraglia.com/blog/?p=132>


Nick Fitzsimons

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