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> Thanks to all who replied.  However, no-one said "don't do this because . .
> ."
>  ??

OK, well, since you're kind of asking... ;) Don't do that because it's
horrendously non-semantic and you should be making your pages semantically
correct. You are basically adding fake content to your page just to support
a specific design requirement at a specific point in time, etc...

Since you're actually adding content, you could potentially end up with some
users seeing "for clearing" when they view your page. For example some
mobile phones I've used revealed content that was hidden by CSS. Also Google
will pick up all the extraneous "for clearing" text and read it along with
your real content.

If you want to put something into your markup just for clearing purposes I
can't really see the point in using <q> - it's not a quote by any stretch of
the imagination. If you can make it work with a <br /> tag stick to that, I
think. If you need "text" just use a neutral tag and a space, eg. <div
class="brute-force-clear">&nbsp;</div> which is at least better than actual

Better to avoid it entirely though, using one of the alternative fixes
mentioned earlier.



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