We're accessibility testing at the moment. We've got some email forms (ie. Put 
in your email address to subscribe -> submit) that do not currently submit if 
you press enter.
Personally I feel this should be an accessibility issue, but I am finding it 
difficult to locate any solid documentation to back up my claim. I've had the 
argument put to me that a keyboard only user could still tab to the submit 
button, then press enter, but this seems very unintuitive to me to force users 
to do this.

I've also had put to me that some users get confused if they want to put line 
breaks in a field and submit by accident... and so to be consistent pressing 
enter should never submit a form. (data entry people would love that one :P)

Is submitting by pressing enter from a form best practice, or just common 
practice? Is it an accessibility problem? ... and to what degree?

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