Hi there,

May I ask your opinion about some semantic/HTML basics?

In case of a poem, if I place every verse in a paragraph, what do I do with each line of text in the verse? Is this one of the very few occasions to use breaks? A verse doesn't seem a list to me... or is it? I like your opinion.

In the very few tutorials I have seen about how to markup a form semantically, both were using a list in the form. To me that seems totally unneccessary plus too much markup. Does anyone know what can be the reason of doing it that way?

InContextEditing, the online CMS from Adobe, needs a extra div for every editable region. This makes me avoiding the tool. Some keep saying that extra divs don't make any difference to a page at all. I agree they have no meaning semantically, but they do create extra code which is not neccessary for the content. But then again, we don't talk about 100 divs here. So, besides of best practice, is there any place where the extra divs may have bad influence?

Frances de Waal

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