Hi all,

I've decided to stop whinging about the lack of action on Climate Change and
do something about it! I am currently in Copenhagen for the Climate Change
Summit (COP15), which you've probably been hearing about.

There's a load of stuff going on behind the scenes that you won't get to see
on the news, such as Klimaforum - a totally seperate people's forum, where
anyone can attend. I've setup a Blog about these things, which I'll be
updating dailly. http://climatechangestuff.com

I'm no expert on this stuff and there is so much technical jargon out there;
the point of this trip is to learn more. The focus of the Blog is to
document what I'm finding out and make the issues easy to understand.

Please take a look if you're interested in Climate Change & COP15. I don't
want to annoy you with constant messaging if you're not though, so I've
setup a Facebook page, if you subscribe here you can get updates:

Or, you can sign-up for email updates on the right hand column of the site.

Or Twitter: http://twitter.com/cozzabags

Cheers, and and all the best.

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