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The following seems to be happening in all browsers:

Compare the positioning of the Clear Selection and Next >> lines on the above page with


It appears that on pages with several rows of images, such as the vests page, the positioning is more or less as required ie just under the image blocks and to the left of the navigation bars on the right.

On pages with only 1 or 2 rows of images, it is positioned much too far down.

I could solve the issue by putting the data in another navigational bar under the images but my associate (who does the databases) prefers to have it separate. I'm OK with that if we can get the positioning consistent ie, just under the image blocks and to the left of the nav bars.

How can I position if more consistently?  Thanks!

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The CSS in question is

#main .black { color: #000; font-weight: bold; text-decoration: none; float: left; clear: left;}

#main .black ul { list-style: none; }

I did run it through the Validator but it no longer validates because of all the JS.

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