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> For your named anchor tags ("<a name="Marvin"></a>, they don't have to
> be inside 'p' tags. They *do* need to be inside a block-level element,
> but they are already inside the 'main_content' div, so you should be
> fine for validation.
> Ethically, you probably should make your page more accessible to
> people with disabilities (vision impaired/blind users, non-mouse users
> etc). Consider the use of access keys, skip navigation links, title
> attributes on anchors etc. Luckily, your site's simplicity means it's
> more accessible than a lot of other sites already!!! :)

Fwiw, I don't agree about accesskeys [1]. 
Using title on anchors is also something I would not do. These links are
meaningful already and title is ignored by most screen-reader users anyway. 
Besides, the tooltip that title creates is often a problem for people using
screen magnifiers.

[1] http://www.tjkdesign.com/articles/user_defined_accesskeys.asp

Thierry | www.tjkdesign.com

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