Hello list,

Does anyone have any good resources for current progressive
enhancement techniques and also talking points? Google has shown me
rather old articles, so I thought I'd hit you guys up for what you are
doing in this area now.

I am going to be doing a presentation to coworkers and I'd like to
have *up-to-date* info on what the most agreed upon and accepted
concepts and most used techniques are as of late. I know it can get
controversial, but there must be a majority consensus on at least some

Off-list would be fine, and probably preferred. If others are
interested, email me and I can forward findings to you.

Thanks in advance for any help as I dig into this.


Tom Livingston | Senior Interactive Developer | Media Logic |
ph: 518.456.3015x231 | fx: 518.456.4279 | mlinc.com

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