please read the message below.
lost my web projects.
corrupted hard disk crash with my toshiba.
had to set it back to factory default.
so got a external hard disk now.
but my question is:
is there any accessible recovery software where i could get my web projects, 
and other data back, like web projects, important documents, music. etc.
cheers Marvin.

i am a blind computing student.
i use the jaws for windows screen reader software.
from http://www.freedomscientific.com
well this is what i did on febuary 4.
i was uninstalling sql server, as was having a problem.
as i am doing a star trek application using visual web developer and sql server.
a blind friend programmer who was helping me out.
said i needed to stop all administrator services.
so had accidently turned off system restore, turned it back on.
i have a toshiba satellite a300 psagra 48056630Q model.
now, selected my s c: drive.
and not the toshiba hidden volume.
selected a time back the previous day.
clicked next, and system restore.
jaws speaks all text on the screen and i use the keyboard to navigate.
using windows vista home premium.
2 gb ram, 2.1 ghz processor, 250 gb hard disk, ati radium card, real tech audio 
manager, jaws 11.0.756u.
Now heard a clunk, clunk sound.
when i rebooted the machine.
and the next day my dad read what was on screen.
said the hard disk particion corrupted.
so had to reset it back to factory default.
did not have a external hard disk.
i do now.
but have lost all my important documents, college projects, contacts,music, etc.
so is there any way to get the data back.
have been installing and uninstalling software.
i had the music in the music folder under Marvin.
and my main folder was called c:\Docs.
where i had a lot of folders, Marvins Web Site, Tafe, etc.
current articles, Star Trek Project, Test Site for visual web developer.
Mingw, a c++ application.
I cannot be with out my laptop.
Hoping to start online learning, also seeking employment and looking for 
This is my main machine for information, projects, and entertainment.
Like listening to sport on radio stations on the net, getting information, 
listening to pod casts about blindness,adaptive technology, etc.
So if you can help me out.
would like to do it my self if possible.
So any software.
tried 2 or 3, demo versions, but not either accessible.
Or the trial version would let me preview files, but not recover, unless i 
purchased the full version.
I do not have a credit card.
So can you help me.
cannot be without my machine.
Was working on updating a few student web projects.
Lost Them all.
Or because i have installed, uninstalled, and written to the hard disk.
is it gone forever?
ps: Have got a external hard disk now and do regular backups.
I live in Devonport, Tasmania.

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