I am working on a project that uses JSF with Richfaces and Ajax4jsf.


All the pages were developed using IE7.0 and they appear properly on it.
The same page is rendered a bit differently on the other browsers such
as Firefox, Chrome. But the discrepancy is only w.r.t to the borders
that are inherited.


During development, I had referred to certain sites suggested on this
forum too and was convinced that IE6 had some glaring bugs in rendering
using CSS properties and IE7 is the way forward.


Now due to some constraints, we need to make these pages compatible with
IE6. Here comes the trouble. The controls on the pages are not in the
expected places. The panels sit on top of one another and other such

Now is there any way I can identify what CSS properties are not behaving
properly in IE6? Is there any way that I can make the pages compatible
with IE6?


Any reference link or suggestion will be of immense help.


Thanks and Regards,


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