Sorry Andy,

Given the competitive nature that exists between the large UK retailers I feel 
professionally uncomfortable releasing such data.
That's why actual numbers were replaced with percentages.


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Thanks for this, whilst the sites I manage are pretty low-traffic, I too have 
been seeing IE6 traffic of about 10-15%.

By mentioning "shoppers" I guess you are running an e-commerce site. I would be 
very interested to know how your revenue is split across browsers. It seems 
that IE6 users are either in a corporate system using an XP standard operating 
environment or people using older computers who may be a bit out-of-date when 
it comes to technology. Would it be reasonable to assume that the second 
category probably don't spend much money online? - so maybe the percentage of 
revenue gained from IE6 users may be much lower that 10% ?



On 11 Jun 2010, at 21:32, Foskett, Mike wrote:

Hi all,

Ref "Links for light reading" article:

Which basically states IEv6 has dropped below the 5% threshold across USA and 

I just took a peek at our own stats for May 2010.
A very large set limited to UK online shoppers only.
And I couldn't agree less with the article.

Our figures are from such a large representation they cannot be readily ignored.
While I cannot print the actual numbers, the browser percentages should be fine.
I thought they may be of use to others working in the UK and of general use 

Internet explorer only:
IEv8: 48.26%
IEv7: 37.14%
IEv6: 14.58%
Other: 0.02%

In general:
IE: 66.12%
Firefox: 16.25%
Safari: 8.06%
Chrome: 6.89%
Others: 2.67%

So IEv6 is still at 9.64% overall. Virtually double that stated by the article.
Sorry for the bad news but IEv6 is still too relevant to ignore.
And by the way who actually said 5% is the "ignorable" threshold?
I'd of thought more like 2-3% personally.


Mike Foskett

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