Hi Lea,

The message of that spam is very familiar. I received similar messages from 
friends and a number of people I know in the past few months. It was very 
uncharacteristic  to receive this sort of email from friends so I emailed them 
and learned that their gmail accounts got hacked and they were not aware of it.

I don't remember seeing this guy's name, googled it, from his site I think his 
membership of wsg is legitimate. Maybe his gmail got hacked too.

Anyone of us who uses an gmail account, maybe got hacked too without our 
knowledge. It's unlikely for any gmail user knows about his/her account got 
hacked unless notified the recipient who received a spam mail. Maybe there is a 
way to do this but I don't know. I changed my password after my friend told me 
she didn't spam my mailbox :-)


On Aug 12, 2010, at 2:24 AM, Lea de Groot wrote:

> This is exactly the sort of spam we don't want here.
> This user is now banned with extreme prejudice.
> Please don't click the link as it will only encourage them!
> Hopefully no one else will take this as a hint for what to post here, or I 
> will have to pull out the tactical nukes :(
> warmly,
> Lea
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> Lea de Groot
> WSG Core Member

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