Interesting discovery today regarding the use of the return key to
submit a form...

Our ageing standard uni template has always had a mild form of
validation on the site search box, where the submit button (input)
remains disabled until something other than the standard text is
entered into the text input. see it here: We did this when we realised that by
far the most common search term was an empty search, or one with some
sort of default text. It seemed to work as far as avoiding those dud
searches, but as I was working on a successor to the template and
revisiting the old search box, I noticed that even with the submit
button disabled, I could use the return key to submit the form.

Further investigation revealed that the mac versions of Firefox,
Camino and Opera would not submit, but Chrome (mac & PC), Safari (mac)
and IE6/7 would submit. Those were all I had on my machine at the time
so I haven't done any more tests, but I thought it was curious.

Any ideas on what might be the 'standard' behaviour - if one is
specified? failing that, how about just a 'desired' behaviour ;-)

Andrew Harris

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