Hi all - this is my first time sending to the list, but was looking for 
feedback on marking up forms in HTML5. Granted the spec is still a work in 
progress, but I was wondering if there was any current conversation about this 
multiple techniques of marking up forms via HTML5.

As stated, the purpose of this conversation is the marking up of forms. 
Currently, from what I have read, there are various ways of going about this. 
I'll name a couple that I have personally used, and I am interested in hearing 
feedback from you all about what you prefer and why.

>From my experience, the best practice, currently, is using Description lists; 
>however, my concern with this method is the lack of semantic grouping when 
>using this set of elements.

Another method I have used is using an Unordered list to group each field 
inside of a list item. However, this doesn't seem like it makes as much sense, 
semantically, as the Description list.

What do you all think, and how do you go about marking up your forms in HTML5?

Thanks in advance,

Eric Taylor
< Elements Aside />

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