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> I am finally to begin to stop supporting IE6 starts from 2011 as the usage 
> has fallen below 5%. I don't want the IE6 users to see a broken page due to 
> no special treatment made for the browser, rather, I would like them to see 
> an un-styled page as if the style sheet has switch off.
> Can this be done?

Yes. For example, you could:

(1) Use conditional comments to exclude the IE6 (or earlier) engine:


or (2) Use the HTTP User-Agent header to serve different markup to IE6.


User-Agent headers are sometimes spoofed.

On the other hand, they provide a more general mechanism that can be
used to exclude styles/script from other old user agents (e.g. old
Mozilla versions).

Note that when doing sniffing of this sort, it is better to
differentiate the experience for known-bad browsers and assume all
other browsers are fully capable, so that users of capable minority
browsers are not locked out or forced to spoof. In other words: use a
blacklist not a whitelist.

Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis

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