I've been struggling with a horizontal drop-down menu that came to us
and we have no control over..

1. fly-outs to 3 levels
2. only the final element in the fly out has a link.

There is no left-hand menu to take some of the pressure off the fly-outs...
I did add an additional skip link to the site map just before the navigation...

We are the production team and this was decided and designed long
before we were involved. although I raised concerns from the
The menu items are added dynamically by the content management team
using Vignette now OpenText.

Originally I used the original "Suckerfish" and  I removed the <a href
..if there was no link.
works wonderfully with a screenreader (better and easier than a mouse
user), however there is no visual for the keyboard only user however,
this user can tab from link to link.  this user misses the content for
the non-link area.

Other issues have come up non-508 and it was extremely challenging to
style each level with and without a link.

Then I discovered "Superfish" and wanted to upgrade the technology,
however it won't work for keyboard only users without a link.

Question... Is it appropiate to use <a href="#"> or any other means to
indicate no link?  there is no onclick event straight html.  Is there
something else?
Would WAI-Aria roles work here?  If so could someone point me to an
easy tutorial with more examples than lots of text.?



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