Hey there Marvin,

When you first posted for suggestions for your site I did think that
the subject of the blind computer user was apt, but I was reluctant to
suggest it as you may of been reluctant to follow this path, concerned
you may get pigeonholed. But as you have now indeed settled on the
subject here is my suggestion.

Rather than a portal for web designers et al to services, information
etc. might I suggest an education site for non-web geeks. There maybe
site like this that exist, but most of the stuff I know of is either
technical or hosted on web industry sites. Of course if I view
information on the subject within that context it's not surprising.

Rather what I was thinking was, describing and drawing upon your
experience creating a site that illustrates to the lay person just
what the experience of browsing the web without perfect eyesight is
like. Now I accept that it's not likely the lay person will
intentionally look for such a site or even stumble across it generally
browsing. But for those of us in the WSG group trying to explain and
convince website owners the merit of incorporating accessibility
features and rather than referring to and citing those previously
mentioned sites, to refer to a site that they understand is describing
real experience...

Such a site I would suggest could include recordings of sample
passages read by your Windows Eyes software, and even a comparison of
site; the good and the bad. One idea that came to mind might be to
have a page that is completely dark, but as the user mouses over a
kind of peek-a-boo magnify glass reveals the text underneath,
attempting to depict what it would be like having to 'discover' the
page bit by bit as opposed to a visual glance.

Hope that is the sort of thing you were looking for and all the very
best with the project.

Kind regards,
John Unsworth

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