how do i reset the password.
and how to do it in the my sql command line.
possibly my database could be screwed up or some thing.
did get it to work.
and now.

and just looked in the database script nad it added my name and my phone number.
several times.
so how to delete the number of times, so i only have my name once.
so it is working.
in another script, and another folder.
so it is working.
ps: sorry for bothering you guys.
so how to remove multiple entries in my database.
or just copy it over from the other folder.
which has the default.
then try running the script.
then i get the access denied.
but when i look in the other php scrip, in a folder called FourthPHP, it added the record to the database.
it is working.
minus, the date.
and in the database, not showing the date.
so my learning purposes, it is working.

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