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> On 30/12/2011 17:32, coder wrote:
>> You just aren't getting this, are you Rob. We're talking about what you
>> do if you don't know there are options.
> Again, let me turn this discussion around once more. Explain to us WHY you 
> feel that it's important that your site open links in new tabs, rather than 
> putting the onus on those who advocate leaving it the hell alone and just 
> letting a link be a link (as that's what users will be used to - if they 
> don't know they can right/middle/shift-click to open a new window, they'll 
> experience the vast majority of the web in a single window...and that's how 
> they know it/like it) to explain why you SHOULDN'T pop up a new tab/window.
> Or, then again...can we just let this discussion die? We've been circling 
> around the same pros and cons...and as it's a polarising issue and nobody 
> from one camp is likely to convince somebody firmly in the other camp, it's 
> fairly pointless beyond this.
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Agreed. On CSS-D, this is what is called 'holy war territory'. List moms 
usually drop the hammer.

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