Hi Grant,

My thoughts on this are (assuming you're rebuilding an existing site):

Check your site statistics/analytics - look at the range of devices accessing 
the site and what they're looking at - are there some pieces of content which 
aren't being accessed from handheld devices? If you're seeing a consistent 
spread of mobile access then, unless your site is going to chew up their 
bandwidth, you should be fine with a responsive design. If you're seeing that 
only a small subset of your site is getting mobile hits then you could look at 
streamlining this into a specific mobile site with its own navigation.

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I was wondering whether having a dedicated mobile site represents an 
improvement with regard to accessibility and standards, or whether it is 
acceptable to have a single site that is adaptable to different screen widths 
(e.g. by means of CSS media queries). Of course, setting up a separate mobile 
site requires additional work and therefore expense.

I would be grateful for comments.

Thank you and regards,

Grant Bailey

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