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My understanding is that yes you can (put anything you like in the text). It's the @datetime data that is restricted to a machine-readable format. If, however, you don't give the @datetime value then the content of the element itself must be a valid date. So this is OK:

<time datetime="2012-05-22T20:20Z">now</time>

and this is OK




On 22/05/2012 19:43, Tom Livingston wrote:
Hello list,

i wasn't able to find an answer on google specifically for what my
question is, so here goes:

when using the time element, can you put ANY text within the open and
close tags? Like:

<time datetime="2012-02-03">02.03.12 - Asia Pacific</time>

Is the addition of " - Asia Pacific" ok to do here? Wasn't sure if
*any* text was ok to be inside the time tags.

I found a lot of info on the datetime attribute, but not if the above
type of thing is allowed or not.



Phil Archer
W3C eGovernment


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