Don't know the answer for sure, but if you display none or make it invisible AT 
would ignore it no? My logic is, display:none & invisible should precede ARIA 
elements. If a site speficically told the AT not to display a block of content, 
it shouldn't bother to annouce the role(s) within it to confuse user.

When doing RWD instead of mobile adaptation,  that navigation goes to the 
bottom of the page for the consideration of Mobile version, my approach is to 
use absolute position to target the desktop version's navigation instead of 
making duplication. 


On May 24, 2012, at 1:12 PM, Tom Livingston wrote:

> List,
> We have a project being worked on that is being done using RWD. For
> mobile, we are repeating the nav at the bottom of the page and
> showing/hiding - with display: block/none; -  the appropriate navbar
> based on min-width media queries.
> My question is if the desktop main nav has a role of 'navigation',
> should the mobile nav at the bottom have that same role? Will that
> mess up screen readers et al?
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