On 7/18/2012 3:23 PM, Ben Zeller wrote:
Hi all,
On a current project we are debating the best way to construct our main navigation in an accessible & keyboard friendly format.
The navigation consists of three levels - primary, secondary, tertiary.

Navigation will be arranged in a horizontal tabbed format where only the first level will be visible on the home page. Upon visiting a primary content page, the secondary navigation will be visible below the primary nav, with the tertiary navigation available via dropdowns.

Our initial thought was to use a structure that works semantically, by nesting all three levels in the same menu. (eg. http://www.stgeorge.com.au/ )
*Pro*: Semantic markup, all levels have relationship.
*Con*: User must tab through all secondary/tertiary links (we have many!) before navigating to the remaining primary links:

If you are going to have page specific menus you are probably better off not using drop down menus, as that might get a bit complex and those are meant for groups of information such as about us menus where you might have a company profile etc. You are probably better off having the page specific menus in a separate column.

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