Hi Victor,

I can't speak to Joe's plan on this, but, some time back, before I 
started back to school late in the summer, I isolated the relevant parts 
of the WSPR ( Python3 version ) program that provided the FMT tools and 
put it into a branch of it own.

The FMT package is in own repository at present [1] and provides some 
build and usage in instructions. It uses Hamlib for rig control, which 
the how-to explains. The next steps were to provide a simple GUI to 
allow automated generation of the gocal ( bash or cmd )  file that 
drives the measurements on each band, but that's not finished yet.

Obviously, it is not intended to be an WSJT-X integration (yet), as it's 
in Python and not QT, but could serve as a proving ground for an 
independent application that could be ported to QT.

[1] https://sourceforge.net/p/wsjt/wsjt/HEAD/tree/branches/fmt/


On 9/19/2016 3:37 PM, Victor Batchelor wrote:
> Hi Joe and all developers.
> Are there plans to release the FMT group of programs in 1.7.0?
> An updated version with the option to update the frequency settings
> wouls in my opinion be very useful,
> Keep up the excellent work.
> 73
> Victor

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